simple Term Deposits with great rates

A simple way to get the best rate for your term deposit

Term Deposits are a low-risk investment option, with a fixed rate of return, allowing you to make plans for the interest you will earn. But finding the best interest rates, worrying about re-investment dates and wading through paperwork can be a real hassle!

Synectic can take all that worry away.

With one simple application, Synectic will oversee your Term Deposits from start to finish and ensure you get the most competitive rates.

Secure great term deposit rates

Secure great rates

With access to over 20 banks you can be confident we will find you the best rate available, with terms to suit your goals.

term deposit administration

Leave the administration to us

Enjoy our simple, once-off application. You will have no extra paperwork, even when you deposit with multiple institutions, reinvest or switch institutions.

term deposit maturity

Avoid the pitfalls of automatic roll-over

We will ensure your funds keep working hard and won’t be automatically locked in to a lower rate at maturity.

government guarantee on term deposits

Know you are protected

We will structure your investments so all your funds are covered by the Australian Government’s guarantee. Still with one simple application.

term deposit administration

Low admin fee

Synectic’s administration fee is only 0.15% of your deposit value (minimum fee $150).

great term deposit rates

Get started

Take the hassle away and secure top rates.

We can set up your investment, find the best rates, manage, reinvest and redeem your term deposits for you.

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