Entries by Claire Smith

Cyber Security Awareness

As technology continues to advance, the threat of falling prey to cybercrime grows. Cyber criminals are always looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities in your organisation’s technology infrastructure, hoping to disrupt operations or access sensitive data. It’s vital that SMEs and NFPs take proactive action to reduce these cyber risks.

Increased penalties for Privacy Act violation

In the digital world we live in, managing people’s personal information and data has never been more important. Almost half of all cyber-attacks target small-to-medium sized businesses, and half of all data breaches result from cyber-security incidents, so knowing what your legal obligations as a small business are is critical. With the Privacy Legislation Amendment […]

Building organisational resilience through audit and assurance

Why is building organisational resilience important for your business? What role do audit and assurance play? Businesses globally are on a path of continuous change, amid extreme political, environmental and catastrophic events. At the same time, the pace of digital transformation continues to increase at record speeds, with more change expected in the next 10 […]

Employers need to get smarter with workforce strategies based on people data

With labour shortages here to stay, effective workforce strategies – based on sound people data – are crucial. Business owners are struggling to find workers, with 85% of Australian businesses reporting staff shortages are preventing operations at full capacity (Australian Financial Review, 3 Feb 2022). Forecasts predict unemployment rates will remain below 5% for the […]

Risk management is about more than avoiding bad things

Effective risk management is more important now than ever. It is more than a tick box and needs to continually evolve. Risk has moved more sharply into focus in the organisational psyche. Objective risk analysis and management has changed through the efforts of many professionals, including accountants, and has influenced how we perceive, frame and […]