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“I’m really happy. Since I’ve been with Synectic my business has surged. The systems they’ve set up are user-friendly and enrich my business. By setting me up with Xero, Synectic have made everything clearer for me and saved me a lot of time in front of the computer. The way my adviser explains things makes it easy for me to get my head around too. If there’s a facet I don’t understand, he will sit down and explain things until I do – even if it takes a few different tacks. I never feel awkward asking, and actually understanding the figures has helped me to improve my business as a whole.”

Brett Hay (Franchisee, VIP Commercial Cleaning)


When a business associate suggested that Brett contact us, he was looking for an accountant he could form a great working relationship with. With a successful business ready for growth, our main priorities were to cut back the amount of time Brett spends bookkeeping and to help Brett understand his business better. We have set Brett up with improved BAS and end of year systems, freeing him to be doing what he really needs to be doing in his business. And by explaining the significance of his figures and undertaking tax planning for the business, Brett now understands where his business is today and what it will take to get it where he wants to go to.

Like many people, Brett was hesitant to change to a new accounting program. However, we knew he would benefit from Xero and he trusted us to help him with the change. Now he wishes he’d done it years ago! Brett tells us that we’ve made life easier for him, and that his Synectic adviser is “a little like Xero – he’s user-friendly and he makes things clearer”!

Kurtis Alexander (Client Manager, Synectic)

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