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Cloud technology has become pivotal in the way we lead our daily lives. The availability of truly affordable and effective small business accounting software in the cloud has transformed the way people do business. There are many benefits to cloud accounting so, if you haven’t yet made the move, consider these:

Access leading IT
Affordable access to technology previously only available to big businesses. Generally you pay a monthly subscription. No expensive software purchase upfront. No costly and inconvenient upgrades.

Gain efficiencies
Automate more of your processes. Direct bank feeds automatically load transactions from your bank. Invoices can be automatically generated and emailed. Payables can be easier than ever.

Eliminate reliance on old data
A real-time view of money coming in and going out allows you to always know the state of your cashflow. Work easily with us on the same up-to-date data, at the same time.

Secure data
Data is stored securely in an off-site location. Everything is automatically backed up. Data can be shared securely rather than transferred around via disc, USB or email.

Enjoy flexibility
Rethink the way you work, with 24/7 access to your business from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Grow through collaboration
Invite trusted staff and advisers to collaborate online in real-time. As your business advisers, we can work more closely with you; working on your business, not on your data.

Our cloud accounting services include:

  • Systems review and recommendations
  • Financial software set-up and implementation
  • Training, development & ongoing support

We’ve been using ‘cloud accounting’ tools, including Xero, extensively in our own business and with our clients for many years now. In fact, we were awarded Xero’s TAS Accounting Partner of the Year in 2017 in recognition of our early commitment to innovation in this space.

The tools we use allow us to better connect with you, and help you better manage your business performance and understand your numbers.

Of course, one size does not fit all, so we will always look for the best accounting software for the unique needs of your business. However, for many businesses we recommend Xero. Xero is easy to use and can save you incredible amounts of time, transforming the way you do business. As Xero Champion Advisers, we have a wealth of experience in making Xero easy and helping you get the most from the Xero eco-system.

Synectic can help you set up a free Xero trial. Then, if you decide to go ahead, we can provide special package pricing and services, making your subscription even more affordable. There are no contracts or set-up costs, just a small, monthly, pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Xero integrates with over 500  add-on applications to help you manage all aspects of your business. These include point of sale, time tracking, inventory management, invoicing and job systems, plus a wide range of other specialised software. That means you can tailor your systems to fit the specific needs of your business.

Ask to talk to one of Synectic’s Xero Certified Advisers today to see how Synectic and the Xero eco-system can help you manage and grow your business.

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Cloud Accounting

Client Stories

We know the important issues are being addressed and we have more focus on what we need to do to drive financial performance.

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We knew we needed to improve our admin systems … [Synectic] set us up on Xero and we were really impressed with the service we received.

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Helping us convert to Xero and streamline our accounting processes have been beneficial, business-changing decisions Synectic have supported us with.

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Since I’ve been with Synectic my business has surged… Synectic have made everything clearer for me and saved me a lot of time in front of the computer.

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Synectic have guided the business to significant profit and wealth increases. I would have no hesitation in recommending Synectic Group to any business wanting to move from survive to thrive.

The company set-up was made easy by the experienced staff and the knowledge that they bring to this specific field. The prompt service and reliability that Synectic offers is extremely appreciated.

We switched to Synectic due to their ability to provide the high level financial and business advice we sought and their confidence in the cloud accounting space.

The financial management, advice on strategic planning issues and management of our superannuation fund provided by the partners and excellent staff has played an important part in our continued growth.

Gareth Atkins sits on our board as a Director of all our entities, provides overall advice on financial, strategic and operational issues. I highly recommend Synectic for all aspects of accounting and financial advisory services.

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