Energy Efficiency Grants for Tasmanian businesses

Grants of up to $25,000 are now available to Tasmanian businesses to help improve your energy efficiency!

Update (25 March, 2024): Round 2 of the Energy Efficiency Grants has closed. Stay tuned for Round 3 release!

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What is the program about? 

The Energy Efficiency Grants for Small and Medium Enterprises Round 2 program is now open to eligible Tasmanian businesses, offering grants of up to $25,000 to support your transition towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. 

This initiative aims to empower Tasmanian businesses with resources to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

By implementing eligible energy-saving measures, you can:

✅ decrease your energy bills, and

✅ contribute to a greener Tasmania.

Who is eligible to apply?

You may be eligible to apply for round 2 of the Energy Efficiency Grants if you:

  • operate a small or medium sized business in Tasmania with 1-199 employees
  • have be in operation for at least 24 months

What activities are eligible? 

While you cannot use the grant for activities such as purchasing solar panels or replacing broken equipment, here are some eligible options to consider: 

  • Feasibility studies: Unsure where to begin? Engage a Synectic adviser to help you assess the potential of energy-saving investments like equipment upgrades, building improvements, or renewable energy solutions (excluding purchase of equipment). We’ll analyse costs, savings, and return on investment, giving you a clear picture of the benefits. 
  • Equipment upgrades: Replace outdated, inefficient equipment with energy-efficient models, such as lighting systems, refrigeration units, and HVAC systems. 
  • Building improvements: Invest in insulation, ventilation upgrades, and smart building technologies to optimise energy use throughout your facility. 

What next?

Applying for Energy Efficiency Grants for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Round 2

  • Applications open on February 27, 2024
    Funding is limited so submit your application as soon as possible
  • Applications close on April 8, 2024. 

We’re here to help!

Our team can provide guidance on navigating the application process and exploring suitable energy-saving solutions for your business. Reach out to a Synectic adviser to discuss your specific needs.

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