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Building organisational resilience through audit and assurance

Why is building organisational resilience important for your business? What role do audit and assurance play?

Businesses globally are on a path of continuous change, amid extreme political, environmental and catastrophic events. At the same time, the pace of digital transformation continues to increase at record speeds, with more change expected in the next 10 years than we have ever seen in history. Building an organisation which is sustainable, and can flourish long-term, is crucial for all governing bodies and management from a business resilience and continuity perspective.

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Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier re-appointment

Synectic Accountants & Advisers re-appointed to Local Buy as a Pre-Qualified Supplier

Support local, buy local!

Synectic are passionate about enhancing the prosperity of our people, clients and community and are pleased to be re-appointed to two new Local Buy arrangements:

  • LB309 Business Management & Consulting Services
  • LB310 Financial Management & Consulting Services

(These arrangements replace the previous BUS272 Business, Finance & Organisational Management.)

The new arrangements give Local Government more access to the broad range of advisory, assurance and accounting services offered by Synectic, including (but not limited to):

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