Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier badge with Synectic Accountants & Advisers Devonport signage in background

Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier re-appointment

Synectic Accountants & Advisers re-appointed to Local Buy as a Pre-Qualified Supplier

Support local, buy local!

Synectic are passionate about enhancing the prosperity of our people, clients and community and are pleased to be re-appointed to two new Local Buy arrangements:

  • LB309 Business Management & Consulting Services
  • LB310 Financial Management & Consulting Services

(These arrangements replace the previous BUS272 Business, Finance & Organisational Management.)

The new arrangements give Local Government more access to the broad range of advisory, assurance and accounting services offered by Synectic, including (but not limited to):

  • Corporate Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
  • Grant Services
  • Strategic, Operational & Business Planning
  • Accounting & Audit Services
  • Actuarial Services & Data Analytics
  • Economics Financial Management & Consulting

What is Local Buy?

Local Buy registers provide Councils with easy access to procure services without needing to go to market because suppliers undergo a rigorous pre-qualification appointment process to ensure legislative compliance.

The arrangements promote the development of competitive local business and industry, while providing preferential rates and robust terms and conditions.

They also provide an effective, streamlined mechanism to help you reduce risk, save time and realise greater value in your procurement process.

Why Synectic?

Synectic is a local, Tasmanian owned and operated accounting, audit and advisory firm. We employ locally and invest locally.

Our highly qualified and experienced team can help you with a diverse range of projects and business challenges. We have an expert team with extensive Local Government experience ready to assist with all your organisational needs.

Find out more about our services and how we can help your organisation:

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You can access our services through the VendorPanel platform, or contact Synectic directly for more information.