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Streamline your bookkeeping with Synectic and Dext

We are thrilled to share some exciting news: we are now an official Dext partner! This partnership continues our commitment to providing expert advice and innovative solutions for business owners.

As a Dext partner, we can help you streamline your bookkeeping processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Through our partnership, our clients can also benefit from discounted pricing on Dext Business plans.

But what exactly is Dext, and how can it transform your bookkeeping?

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What is Dext?

Dext is a game-changer in the world of bookkeeping for small and medium businesses (SMEs). It’s a powerful yet simple platform that automates the repetitive and manual aspects of the bookkeeping process, freeing you and your team to concentrate on core value-adding business activities.

How Dext streamlines bookkeeping

Dext transforms your paperwork into organised, actionable data. The platform extracts and categorises data straight from your supplier invoices, receipts and bank statements. You simply upload to Dext and the system will work its magic.

Take a photo with the Dext mobile app, use bank fetch, or send invoices to your dedicated email. Dext uses cutting-edge technology, including optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to capture the data and code it directly into your accounting software, making the whole bookkeeping process incredibly efficient.

5 reasons why SMEs should consider Dext

1. Save time and money on administrative tasks:

Dext significantly reduces the time-consuming administrative and processing tasks that are part of day-to-day bookkeeping. This means more time for you and your team to focus on activities that add real value to your business.

2. Gain confidence by working with more reliable data:

Dext removes the risk of human error through manual data entry and ensures that your paperwork is captured and processed with 99% accuracy. Managing your paperwork digitally removes the risk of missing information, and your records are safely stored with bank-level encryption.

3. Make more meaningful decisions:

Quick and accurate data processing with Dext provides you real-time insights into your finances. With valuable financial information readily available you can stay agile, making crucial business decisions and ensuring opportunities aren’t missed.

4. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting software

Dext integrates with all major accounting platforms, including Xero. Your data is automatically published and transactions can be matched in real time. You can create and share expense reports in just a few clicks, keeping you, your team, and your advisers on the same page.

5. Get corporate-level efficiency in your SME

One of the most powerful benefits of Dext is that it brings corporate-level efficiencies to the SME market at a very affordable price. The efficiencies and information you get from Dext can propel your business to the next level in a way not previously accessible for SMEs. Read more about How Small Businesses Can Emulate Corporate-Level Efficiency in Finance.

What next?

If you’re ready to streamline your bookkeeping and discover the full benefits of Dext for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Synectic adviser today. We are not only Dext partners but also Xero Platinum Partners, and we’re ready to help you focus on your business goals, not your paperwork.

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