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Having been on the road a fair bit over the past month, I’ve had the chance to delve into some of the latest ABC This Working Life podcasts. I thought I’d share my top seven podcasts, curated for reflection and growth, for those who might want to engage in some meaningful self-reflection and personal development over the summer months.

Before we start into the podcasts, it’s important to clarify that I, along with Synectic, have no affiliation with ABC. Our appreciation for the ABC listen app and the particularly engaging This Working Life podcasts is solely based on personal enjoyment and interest.

Now, let’s explore these podcasts, each clocking in at around 25 minutes . . . Enjoy!

While it might not be suitable to read fiction at your workplace, research shows that reading fiction can help us cultivate skills crucial for career success.

Work hard on your talent, turn your cheerleaders into your coaches, have more than one mentor, and channel your inner sea sponge . . . (there’s a science behind it!).

I’m sure there are a few perfectionists out there – including me (and loads of my colleagues!). This one provides some strategies designed to liberate you from unhelpful perfectionist tendencies.

Discover ways to manage your energy so you can finish your workday with the same energy you started with. One interesting strategy is adopting ‘Qigong’ exercises to optimise energy within the body, mind and spirit.

Rethinking the conventional wisdom of high and peak performance, this discussion shifts the focus from managing goals and expectations, to the art of continuous learning and building teams for the long haul. Featuring insights from Ash Barty’s mindset coach.

Learn effective strategies for managing workplace urgency. Utilising time, quality, scope, resources, budget, and risk criteria; and planning ahead to avoid it!

Uncover the strength of pulling together as a team and explore how we can unlock the power of ‘us’ to do our best work.

Whether you’re tuning in during a road trip or unwinding beneath a shady tree, immerse yourself in these insightful podcasts designed for moments of reflection and growth. Each episode offers valuable insights for those seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and personal development. Happy listening!

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Claire_Smith - Senior_Consultant - internal audit Tasmania
Claire Smith (FCPA)
Senior Consultant

Claire is a senior executive and accountant with almost 20 years’ experience across the private and public sectors. Her work history goes beyond traditional accounting and finance roles, spanning risk management, quality assurance, human resources, economic development and digital transformation. A dynamic leader, Claire is President of the Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program, a Fellow of CPA Australia, and serves on CPA Australia’s Divisional Council (Tasmania). Her other roles Chair of the Institute of Internal Auditors (Tasmanian Chapter), and volunteer Director at Karinya, which provides crisis accommodation for young women. Contact us to speak with Claire today.